Vivi Nova Review (And Mini Viva Nova Review)

Vivi Nova And Mini Vivi Nova

The Vision Vivi Nova tank was the very first piece of vaping equipment that I ever got and I have to tell you was damn impressed. Before it arrived in the mail I was pretty anxious to try out this whole “electronic cigarette” thing and really wasn’t sure if this thing would live up to the hype man did it exceed my expectations.

This thing is extremely easy to use and the vape that you get from the tastes fantastic. Furthermore it’s ridiculously beginner friendly so if you’re new to this whole “vaping” thing like I was then they are a superb way to start out.

Vivi Nova Review

Vivi Nova Boxes

The Vision Vivi Nova tank is available in two different sizes. The full sized Vivi Nova (which stores 3.5 mls of ejuice) as well as the smaller and more lightweight Mini Vivi Nova tank which is my preferred device out of the two.

Both models work exactly the same with the only difference being their size and ejuice storage capacity so it really just comes down to whether you prefer to be able to hold a crapload of ejuice so that you don’t have to refill your tank as often or whether you want something a bit smaller and sexy looking.

Vivi Nova Tanks

If you’re just getting started and plan to order the Vivi Nova make sure that you get yourself a battery (I highly recommend the ego-C twist as it’s affordable but reliable), a charger for your battery, some ejuice and perhaps a cone connector to get rid of the gap between the battery and the tank so that it looks a bit nicer (as seen in the video).

For my full Vision Vivi Nova tank review be sure to check out the video above!

Where To Buy Vivi Nova Tanks (Plus Coupons!)

There’s a tonne of different places that you can buy vivi nova tanks (as well as a tonne of other vaping gear) online but not all of them are as good as each other. So I’ve narrowed it down to the very best (and most affordable) sites below.

Live in the US?

Live in Canada?

  • – Use the coupon NEWBVAPE to get 10% off if you’re a new customer.

Live in Australia?

  • – Use the coupon AVF to get 5% off if you’re a new customer and 2.5% off if you are a returning customer.

NOTE TO AUSSIE VAPERS: You will not be able to order ejuice with nicotine in it from any Australian vaping sites so if you are looking to buy ejuice with your order you will need to buy from a vendor outside of Australia (US sites are a good option).

Live somewhere else?

You’ll still be able to use most of the sites above but you’ll probably have to pay a bit more in shipping and wait a bit longer too.


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7 Responses to Vivi Nova Review (And Mini Viva Nova Review)

  1. E. Schmidt says:

    Hey there , Great Review vid !
    I just wish ya were here in the states!
    Then I could send ya some ejuice to go in that tank for ya to review !
    Great job again !


    Hello I live in Japan.I am interested ViviNova.
    Shipping to Japan Ok?

  3. Paul says:

    Nice video Jay, great to see an aussie doing some good work for vaping. Hoping to see much more in the future. Good luck….

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  5. Riley Pearton says:

    After researching for hours and watching numerous videos I’ve put all my faith in a fellow Australian. I’ve purchased an ego twist battery from your recommended site (free postage to Australia!), 2 vivi nova tanks from vape king with extra heads and $60 worth of E liquid off Mt Baker Vapor. Fingers crossed this will last me a while and finally get me off the analogs!

  6. eCigMod says:

    Thanks for the mention Jay! Always enjoy your videos 🙂

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