Smokeless Image Volt Review: Yay Or Nay?

Volt Starter KitIt’s time for another look at one of the more popular e-cigarette starter kits that’s on the market and this time I’ve tried out the Smokeless Image Volt starter kit.

This e-cigarette is a ‘cigalike’ style e-cig meaning that it closely resembles a traditional cigarette in terms of both size and weight unlike some of the more advanced devices out there (such as the ego-c twist or the Vamo) which are larger and sometimes more intimidating to new vapers.

Smokeless Image Volt Review

Volt E-Cigarette

The thing about the Volt is this…

It’s actually extremely similar to the Halo G6 kit that I recently reviewed. It has the same batteries, same style cartridges and almost every thing is pretty much identical (aside from the different packaging and logos). But that’s not to say that the ‘volt’ has copied the Halo G6 nor that the Volt is bad in anyway (because it’s actually quite good) it’s just that they probably have the same manufacturer or something and I felt like this was worth noting.

So what did I like about the Volt?

As you’ll find out if you watch my Smokeless Image Volt review video that’s located above I really did enjoy using this device for a few different reasons:

  • The personal charging case. One thing that I love about the Volt that some of the other e-cigarette starter kits out there don’t have is that it comes with a really cool personal charging case that you can charge up via USB and then take out with you. Then when one of your batteries starts to get low you can simply chuck your battery in the personal charging case and it will charge it right back up for you without the need to connect it to any kind of port or socket. This GREATLY increases your vape time whilst you are out before needing to recharge again.
  • It’s extremely light, portable and discreet. As I’ve mentioned in other vaping reviews when I’m at home and just chilling out I usually tend to use something bigger and more advanced however what I really like about cigalike kits like the Smokeless Image volt is that it’s so light and portable and discreet that you can take it out with you and most people wont even realize that you are vaping an electronic cigarette and will actually think it’s a regular cigarette. This is great for those times when you don’t really want to have to explain the whole concept of vaping to every passer by.
  • It’s extremely affordable priced. The Volt is definitely competitively priced and one of the cheaper starter kits on the market making it a great option for those that are on a tight budget. Furthermore despite the lower price the quality is still excellent.
  • It tastes great. The Volt gives a really satisfying hit especially considering it has such a small battery and whilst they’re flavors aren’t my absolute favorites out there they still taste great and I could vape them for a long time.

Volt Size Comparison

What I don’t like about the Volt?

Just as with all smaller sized e-cigarettes the down sides are that compared to bigger and more powerful devices the the battery life is much shorter (giving you just 2-3 hours as opposed to 6+) and the taste is not quite as strong. However I feel this is simply the trade off that you make for having such small and portable device and I feel that despite the shorter battery life this kind of kit will appeal to a lot of people – especially those that are completely new to vaping and just want something that simple and easy to use.

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