Mt Baker Vapor Review: The Lowdown On Mount Baker!


Mt Baker Vapor is without a doubt one of the most popular ejuice stores that’s out there and I’ve actually bought quite a few juices from them since I started vaping so I figured that it was only fitting that I did a full Mt Baker vapor review video.

In this video I’ll be doing reviews of four individual juices (Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Coffee, Caramel Candy and Black Licorice) but I’ll also be letting you know my overall thoughts about the ‘Mount Baker Vapor experience’.

Mt Baker Vapor Review

The Four Juices That I Tried…

Here’s a summary of the four juices that I reviewed from Mt Baker Vapor:

  • Dark Chocolate: I have to say I really was not a fan of this juice. The cocoa flavor was just too strong and it kind of tickled my throat when I vaped it. It’s funny because this flavor actually got some pretty amazing reviews on the Mt Baker Vapor so perhaps this flavor will be right up some people’s alley but this just wasn’t for me.
  • Hazelnut Coffee: This was definitely not a bad flavor at all. It wasn’t the best coffee flavor that I’ve ever tried but it was by no means bad or anything. The only reason I haven’t finished this bottle yet though is because I’ve been two busy vaping the last two flavors:
  • Caramel Candy: Now this was DELICIOUS. I’m not even much of a caramel person normally but I found this flavor to be really tasty and have been vaping this one a lot. I’ve actually taken this flavor out with me a few times and let some of my friends try it too and every single person that’s tried it has also agreed that it’s a fantastic flavor and many of them were coming back for seconds!
  • Black Licorice: Okay I just have to say it. This is one of the best flavors I’ve ever tried. I regularly vape the black licorice flavor as an all day vape and I never seem to get sick of it. In fact I liked this flavor so much that I went on to buy a massive 236ml bottle of it!

Mt Baker Vapor eJuices

My Overall Thoughts On Mt Baker Vapor…

Overall I think Mt Baker Vapor is a great ejuice store that really ticks all of the boxes. Some ejuice stores I’ve found to have really cheap juice but flavors that tasted like soap and others I’ve found to be a little bit on the expensive side. Mt Baker Vapor however has both affordable prices and really tasty juices.

Furthermore they have a great website experience, a huge range of flavors and excellent customer support. So I’d definitely recommend these guys to any vaper looking to pick up some new and tasty ejuices!

Want A Mt Baker Vapor Discount?

As always I’ve gone out and found you guys a Mt Baker Vapor coupon code that you can use to score a nice discount should you choose to order from these guys. You can get your coupon by clicking the button below:

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2 Responses to Mt Baker Vapor Review: The Lowdown On Mount Baker!

  1. Jack says:

    I love these guys. I got screwed by a local shop and they hooked me up despite it not being their problem. Their juice is absolutely fantastic, and their customer service is phenomenal. Its nice to know that there are companies out there like this!!!

  2. patricia welch says:

    I would have to agree, I absolutely love MBVapor. Living in Utah is great, but the Vapor stores here really do charge more than they are worth for the size of the bottle, and well to be honest the flavors out here really bite. I would have to say my ultimate favorites are grape and afternoon delight mixed, and mango and peach. I put a little bit of the blue ice in them and they are awesome mixture.
    Thank you MBVapor for bringing the flavors into my life. After smoking for over 30 years, I now have the will power to be the person that I want to be, I am happy to say that I have went from the highest MG. to a 12MG mixture and I owe that to you guys and the great prices that you have.

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