Mini Ego Battery Review: It’s Tiny But Is It Awesome?

mini-ego-batteryYou might have seen my recent review of the Ego-C Twist battery which in my opinion is a great all around battery and one that I own quite a few of however today I decided to review the much smaller ego style battery: the mini ego.

I picked this device up because I thought it would be cool to have something that’s nice and dicreet for those times when I just want something that’s easy to stealth vape and that wont get a tonne of weird looks when I’m out in public and this really does a great job of that.

Ego Mini Review

This really is the definition of small…

And when I say ‘smaller’ I really do mean small. This thing is tiny in fact and when you compare it to even the smallest ego twist there is quite the size difference. Hell even with a clearomizer attached to it it’s still only only a tiny bit larger than a traditional cigarette as you can see in the size comparison pic below:

Ego Mini Size Comparison

The downsides…

Although the mini ego is much smaller than most other vaping batteries there are however a couple of trade offs that you have to be willing to make for the smaller size:

  • The Mini Ego battery doesn’t have variable voltage. So unlike the ego twist or many other vaping batteries where you can can easily adjust your vaping strength to make your hits as weak or as strong as you like with the mini ego you simply can’t do that and are permanently set at 3.7 volts. And whilst I find this level to be enough to give me a satisfying hit it might prove to be a little too weak or strong for other users.
  • The Mini Ego has a short battery life. The Mini Ego only has 350 MAH and so will only last you around 3-4 hours when fully charged whilst other bigger batteries will last a lot longer.

Final thoughts?

Despite the couple of minor downsides I still think this is a pretty cool device and I’m glad to have it in my arsenal. It only cost me around $12 and is awesome for stealth vaping. I definitely wouldn’t use it as my ‘main’ vape but every now and then I find myself pulling this thing out from my vaping draw when I’m looking for something a little more discreet. All in all it’s a thumbs up from me!

Where To Buy Mini Ego Batteries Cheap:

  •  Fast Tech. For under $5 (plus FREE worldwide shipping!) you can score yourself and ego mini battery from these guys. The ego mini batteries are actually pretty hard to come by and very few stores seem to stock them but Fast Tech have a tonne of them in all different colors and for the lowest prices around.

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