Kanger Protank 3 Review: I Think I’m In Love!

VAMO ProtankThe Kanger Protank 3 is a bit different from most of the other clearomizers that are on the market because instead of being made of plastic they are made out of glass!

But does this actually result in a better vape?

Well I’ve got my hands on one today I’m going to share all of my thoughts on this device in my full Kanger Protank 3 review above.

Kanger Protank 3 Review

Why I Decided To Buy A Protank 3…

Blue ProtankThe reason I first decided to buy a Protank was because I actually discovered that some of my heavier juices were cracking my plastic clearomizer tanks and making them unusable.

After a bit of research I discovered that the solution to my problem was to buy a ‘glassomizer’ which is similar to a clearomizer except they’re made from glass instead of plastic.

And one of the most popular glassomizers that I kept seeing getting recommenced over and over again was the Protank 3 so I decided to order one and to try it with my heavier juices.

And to my surprise what I found was that not only do these devices not crack when I vape my heavier juices… but they give you a phenomenal tasting vape!

But Are Glassomizers REALLY Better?

I wasn’t really expecting that much of a difference but I have honestly been finding that my juices taste cleaner and better out of a Protank 3.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much of it has to do with the fact that the Protank 3 is made from glass and how much of it is to due to it being designed well but whatever the case this thing really gives you some serious flavor.

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out all over my favorite flavors in my Protanks and I just seem to be getting consistently super clean hits and so much flavor from every one of my juice… my licorice juice from Mt Baker Vapor tastes particularly awesome out of these bad boys!

Protank 3s

Why I Love The Protank 3…

I’ve become a bit addicted to my Protanks and have even bought several of them. Here’s why I love them:

  • They make my juices taste delicious. Seriously… every juice that I put in this just seems to taste amazing.
  • The size and juice capacity is SPOT ON. I love the fact that these Protanks have a good sized tank and (they are capable of holding 2.5 mls of juice which should be enough to last you a few hours before you will have to refill) but they aren’t SO big that they are really massive and bulky. It’s just the right hybrid of small tank size with decent capacity.
  • It looks awesome and ultra modern. These clearos are definitely very stylish and they look particularly great attached to a stainless steel device like a Vamo.
  • It hardly ever leaks, floods or gurgles. Some clearomizers can be a bit prone to flooding and gurgling and it can definitely be annoying but you’ll be glad to know that I’ve experience very few problems with my Protanks.
  • It uses the same coil heads as the EVOD 2 AND the Aerotank. I like this because it means that I can stock up on one type of coil head and use them with many of my favorite devices instead of having to buy 20 different types of coil heads for 20 different types of clearomizers!

Kanger Tanks

The Verdict Is In…

The Protank 3 is nothing short of awesome and it’s well and truly made it’s way into my collection of regular vapes.

Sure these glassomizers a little bit more expensive than clearomizers that are made of plastic but I think that they are worth every cent.

And for all of these reasons the Protank 3 gets a big thumbs up from me!

Where To Buy Protank 3’s Cheap:

  • LiteCigUSA – These guys have lightning fast shipping, amazing customer support and the lowest prices on Protank 3s around.

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