Kanger EVOD 2 Review: A Cheap Clearo That DOESN’T Suck!

Kanger ClearosToday I thought I’d take a look at the EVOD clearomizers that are made by one of my favorite vaping brands Kangertech.

I was initially attracted to these clearomizers because of their cool looking design and their really low price… but are they any good?

Well you’re about to find out in today’s Kanger EVOD 1 & 2 review video!

Kangertech EVOD 2 Review

What I Like About These Tanks…

EVOD TanksAs you can probably tell from the pictures below and in my video I own a LOT of EVOD tanks.

And the reason for this is because these tanks are probably the best clearomizers that I’ve come across within this price range.

And when I say they are affordable I really mean it! At just a little over $5 a pop these are easily some of the cheapest tanks that are on the market.

But what’s what’s also really cool is that despite the low price tag – these things vape REALLY well!

They give me a really consistently good tasting vape where as many of the other clearomizers that I have tried that are this cheap I’ve found just leave a lot to be desired.

They’re Simple But Effective…

The EVOD 2 isn’t trying to be the flashiest or most feature packed clearomizer on the market.

But what’s cool about them is that they simply work well and reliable almost every single time that you use them.

They are well built and give me minimal problems with leaking and they’re also extremely easy to use, refill and clean.

Kanger Clearomizers

And Because They Are SO Cheap….

I can just stock up on them:

Lots Of Kanger EVODs

This means that I can give them away to friends if I want too without worrying about the cost. Or I can lose one and I’m not going to be bummed out either.

And it also means I will never find myself in a tight spot and without a clearomizer since I have so many backups!

The EVOD 1 vs. The EVOD 2…

Both the EVOD 1 and 2 clearomizers are great tanks and they both look and work extremely similarly.

However the EVOD 2 has had a few minor tweaks made to it to make it just that little bit better. These include things like a removable mouth piece so that you can add your own drip tips, a slightly better design and a new metal drip tip where as the original EVOD featured a plastic one.

And if you can I’d definitely recommend getting the EVOD 2 as opposed to the EVOD 1 because of these upgrades.

They’re Convenient Too…

Because the EVOD 2 clearomizers use the same coil heads that lots of my other favorite Kangertech products use it means that I don’t have to stock up on dozens of different coil heads for dozens of different tanks.

EVOD 2 Coils

The EVOD 2 coils are the same ones that are also used in tanks like the Aero Tank and the Protank 3 both of which I use regularly alongside my EVOD 2 so it’s nice to be able to use the same coil heads across all of these devices.

All In All: An Awesome Little Clearo!

The EVOD 2 just goes to show that it IS possible to make a clearomizer that’s both cheap and high quality.

And for that reason I think that the EVOD 2 makes for an awesome addition to the collection of both newer and more veteran vapers alike.

All in all this really is an awesome little clearomizer!

Where To Buy EVOD 2 Tanks Cheap…

  • Fast Tech – Not only do Fast Tech have the absolute lowest prices on EVOD 2 tanks but they even do FREE worldwide shipping!

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