Joyetech eRoll Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

eRoll BoxThe Joyetech eRoll starter kit is an extremely popular e-cigarette kit that’s been getting a tonne of praise online for being extremely well designed and a bit different from most of the other starter kits that are on the market. And after seeing positive review after positive review I decided that I just had to buy one and try it out for myself to see just whether this thing really does live up to all of the hype that it’s been getting… so here’s my full Joyetech eRoll review. eRoll Review

What I like about the Joyetech eRoll…

Joyetech eRoll Starter Kit

It didn’t take me long to see why people rave about this kit. It’s definitely had a lot of thought and time put into it’s design and some of the pros that really stood out for me include:

  • It’s incredibly sexy design. Everything from the packaging to the e-cigarette just looks and feels slick as hell and this device is one that you’ll be proud to pull out and vape anywhere.
  • The personal charging case. The personal charging case which looks kind of like an iPhone can be charged up via a USB cord and then used to recharge your e-cigarette when you are on the go. The charging case itself hold 1,000 mAH which means it can charge your eRoll battery roughly 10 times over. And again the charging case looks badass.
  • It’s super lightweight and small. In fact it’s the smallest and lightest e-cigarette that I’ve used to date and is actually only a tiny bit larger than a traditional cigarette… and I mean by the tiniest of margins.

eRoll PCC

What I don’t like about the Joyetech eRoll…

Joyetech eRoll ReviewWhilst I do think there are some great things about the eRoll there’s also a few downsides to it that turn me off the device a bit which are:

  • Refilling the ejuice is really fiddly and has to be done often. Trying to refill this thing with more ejuice can be a bit of a pain in the butt especially if you don’t have a blunt tip needle (so if you get an eRoll I definitely recommend getting a ejuice bottle with a blunt tip needle too). But on top of that because the juice capacity is quite small I find myself having to refill a little too often for my liking.
  • The battery life is pretty short. With just 90 mAH each battery will only last you somewhere around just under an hour and personally I find it a pain to have to constantly change batteries over.

Now these downsides wont matter to some people. However I prefer to use these ‘smaller’ type of devices whilst I’m out and about rather than at home (when I’m at home I prefer to vape something a little more advanced like an ego-C twist battery with a Vivi Nova tank) and I just find this thing too fiddly to take out with me as it requires to much maintenance. Personally I actually prefer the Halo G6 kit which I recently reviewed in terms of a lightweight e-cig that’s good for taking out and about with me since it’s much less fiddly. But each to their own.

Important: If you buy an eRoll also get an extra cone connector!

For some reason only comes with one cone connector and without two cone connectors you can only charge or vape one battery at a time meaning that you can’t simply charge one battery whilst you vape the other. Cone connectors only cost a couple of bucks each but for some reason the designers of this product failed to include a second one with the kit.

So should you get this or not?

If you’re looking for something that’s extremely small and lightweight and and close to the size of a traditional cigarette as possible then you will probably love the eRoll. It really is the smallest e-cigarette that I’ve used to date. However if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced or something with a bit more battery life then I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Where to buy a Joyetech eRoll cheap:

  • LiteCigUSA. These guys have eRolls on sale for about $54.95 which is the lowest price I’ve seen around. Furthermore these guys are awesome and always provide good service and fast shipping… I highly recommend them!

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