iTaste MVP Review: The Ultimate BIG E-cig Battery!

MVP With EVOD 2The MVP is a battery that I was initially kind of reluctant to try. When you compare it to most of the other batteries that I use which are much smaller in size the MVP initially looks huge and bulky and like it would be uncomfortable to hole.

However after using the MVP for a few hours I quickly found myself getting used to the larger size of the MVP and found that the MVP really does have a lot to offer as you can see in my MVP video review above.


What’s Cool About The MVP?

  • Innokin Battery Bottom

    The long ass battery life. By far the coolest thing about the iTaste MVP is just how long it lasts for when fully charged. The MVP battery is 2600 mAH which means that it will last you approximately 26 hours or so before you will need to charge it which is MUCH longer than any of my other vaping batteries.

  • You can use it to charge your USB devices. This is something that I haven’t seen in any other vaping battery is the ability to actually connect your phone or other USB powered devices to the MVP and then use the MVP to charge them up. Next time your mobile phone is running low – just plug into this battery!
  • Variable voltage and wattage modes. With the MVP you have total control over the strength of your vape hits and can easily adjust both the voltage and the wattage with the two buttons and small display screen that’s located on the side.

What’s Not-So-Cool About The MVP?

  • It takes up a lot of pocket space. Whilst the MVP is no problem to hold or keep in your car or on your desk at home it still is large enough to take a significant amount of room if you plan to carry it around in your pockets and often I find when you are also carrying a phone, a wallet and whatever the hell else you might have on you… it can be a bit of hassle to also carry around and MVP.


The Verdict: Should You Get An MVP?

If you are looking for a vaping battery that just seems like it lasts forever and you don’t mind the larger size then the Innokin iTaste MVP is an awesome way to go… and it’s also suprisingly affordable too.

However if you are looking for something more compact and lightweight then I’d probably go for something like the iTaste VV instead which is kind of like the MVP’s ‘little brother’.

Where To Buy Innokin MVP’s Cheap:

  • Fast Tech – This is the cheapest place that I’ve come across for MVP’s – less than $50 a pop and free worldwide shipping!

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