Halo Triton Review: Taking The Triton For A Spin!

Halo TritonQuite a while back I reviewed the G6 Kit from Halo and found that I actually really liked it. It was nice and compact and provided a very good hit for a cig-a-like.

However these small cigalikes do have their downfalls and they definitely aren’t as powerful as some of the more advanced devices that are on the market.

So Halo set out to create a product for those that want something that’s a bit more powerful but that still maintains the same style and simplicity of the Halo g6. And the result is the Triton!

Halo Triton Review

First Impressions…

The box that the Halo Triton comes packed inside of is pretty much the same carry case that comes with the Halo G6 kit and this is very good news because these carry cases are extremely tough and sturdy. They also come with compartments for all of your bits and pieces and they  have a nice spring locking action too.

Basically these are some of the best e-cigarette carry cases around:

Triton Case

And inside your Halo Triton kit you’ll find a variety of different parts including

  • Two Batteries. You can also choose what color you would you like your batteries to be as well as whether you would like manual (where you press a button) or auto batteries (where it’s totally automatic) too. You can also choose between two different battery sizes: 400 mAh which will last you around 4 hours and 650 mAh which will last you around 6.5 hours.
  • An Instruction Book. You’ll be glad to know that unlike a lot of the poorly worded and printed instruction booklets that you’ll find in the vaping world the Halo Triton instructions are actually extremely well done and are very easy to understand.
  • Two Tanks. These are what you pour your ejuice into.
  • Wall Charger And USB Charger.
  • A Cone Cover. This can be used along with a cartomizer to make your Triton kit look super slick and portable.

The Triton Packs A Suprisingly Big Punch…

Vaping TritonHalo have really done a great at improving on their original Halo G6 design to create something that gives you a bigger and fuller flavor.

The hits that I am getting off of my Triton e cigs are surprisingly big and satisfying for such a small and portable device and I do have to say that they really have done a great job at creating something that’s more powerful than the G6 but that’s still not as big or complicated as some of the more advanced e-cigarettes that are out there.

The Flavors Aren’t Bad Either.

Halo Malibu E-JuiceHalo is well known for their selection of ejuices although I wouldn’t say that they have the best ejuices that I have ever tried I would definitely say that they are tasty.

The ejuice that I got with my Triton was called Mailbu which the Halo site descibes as ‘a frozen Pina Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper’ and I have to say that they are pretty dead on with that description.

It’s a tasty and fresh tasting ejuice and although normally I am not the biggest fan of menthol juices I did find myself liking this one.

Compact And Easy To Use…

The two best things about the Halo G6 were  probably that it was extremely compact and so easy to use.

And the great thing about the Triton is that although it is a little bigger the Triton really still is one of the most portable and compact vapes that are on the maket.

Not to mention it’s also one of the slickest looking:

Triton Clearomizer

Furthermore the Triton is still so easy to use that pretty much any new vaper could pick one up and use it without a problem.

Who Should Get One?

Halo E-CigsIf you’re looking for something that’s a step up from the Halo G6 and from most of the other cigalikes that are out there but aren’t ready to pick up bigger or more advanced then Halo Triton will be exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s well designed, extremely easy to use and most importantly it just gives you a really good tasting vape making it perfect for both experienced and newer vapers alike.

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