Halo G6 Review (Plus A Halo G6 Coupon!)

Halo G6 Case

Although I usually prefer to vape slightly more advanced vaping gear like an ego-c twist battery with a Vivi Nova tank (or something along those lines) I still find myself loving the idea of having a ‘cigalike’ that looks and feels more like a traditional cigarette does.

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to answer a million different questions about ‘what the hell that weird thing is’ that I’m using and often I want something that’s low maintenance and lightweight enough that I can smoke it like a traditional cigarette and for that reason I decided to pick myself up a super discreet, super portable and super miniature Halo G6 starter kit… and to find out what I thought of it you can watch my Halo G6 review video above!

Halo G6 Review

What I Love About The Halo G6 Kit…

G6 E-Cigarette

There’s actually a lot to like about the Halo G6 including:

  • The sexy design. These e-cigarettes look extremely slick and everything from the actual e-cigarettes themselves through to the packaging has obviously had a lot of thought put into the design side of it and it really shows. You’ll be proud to vape your Halo G6 in public!
  • The size and portability of it. This thing is so tiny and portable that you can easily just stick in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Furthermore the size makes it much more discreet than the some of the larger vapes out there.
  • The ease-of-use. The Halo G6 is so damn quick and easy to use that it makes it perfect to the newbie vaper that just wants something that they don’t have to fiddle around with a lot and that they will have an easy time getting to grips with. But it’s also cool for more seasoned vapers like myself who want something to take out and about that they wont have to mess around with lots of bits and pieces whilst they are on the go. Just attach a flavor cartridge to one of the batteries and you’re good to go.
  • The taste. For such a small battery the vape that you get off this thing is quite impressive and definitely satisfying and what’s more is I found the juice to be actually quite tasty. Halo actually try to specialize in making quality e-juices and they they’re juices taste great.

Halo G6 Size Comparison

What I Don’t Love About The Halo G6 Kit…

Halo G6 Charger

Whilst I really enjoy using my Halo there are a couple of sacrifices that you have to make when using a device like this over something bigger and more advanced. The two main downsides that I found were:

  • The shorter battery life. Although the battery life is pretty good for a battery of this size (around 2-3 hours per fully charged battery) it’s still a LOT less battery life than what you would get out of a bigger battery like a Ego-C Twist or a Vamo V3 for example.
  • No variable voltage. I love to be able to adjust the voltage of my e-cigarettes so that I can make my vape as weak or as strong as I like but with the Halo G6 you unfortunately can’t do this.

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