Ego-C Twist Review (Is This A Must Have Battery?)

Vaping BatteryThe Ego-C twist is easily one of the most commonly praised vaping batteries on the market. If you head to some of the online vaping forums and communities that are around you’ll constantly see people recommending the Ego-C Twist to vaping newbies and even veterans… but why? And is it really all that and a bag of chips?

Well the short answer is yes.. these things rock.

And for a good number of reasons:

  • They’re extremely affordable. You can buy an Ego Twist battery online for less than $20 and in some places less than $15 (you’ll find links to cheap places to get ’em below) and when you compare this to some of the more advanced batteries out there that are in the $50+ range these batteries are really pretty damn cheap.
  • They’re variable voltage. So this means that you can adjust the strength of your vaping hit by adjusting the voltage which allows you to really find your vaping sweet spot and stay there? So whether you love a nice and super strong hit or are after a hit that’s more mild and subtle you can get it with an Ego Twist.
  • They last a long time. The Ego Twist batteries will give you a surprisingly long battery life for their size with the smallest battery containing about 650 mah which will last roughly 6-7 hours and the largest battery containing 1300 mah which will last roughly 13 hours.
  • They’re extremely lightweight and portable. These batteries are much smaller than some of the bigger mods and batteries out there (such as the Vamo V3) and they’re extremely lightweight and portable and can fit in your pocket nicely.
  • They look cool and come in a tonne of colors. So if you want to be stylish and get a battery that not only works well but looks awesome too then the the Ego Twist is definitely a good way to go. They come in just about every color (including red, black, pink , silver, blue, white and green) so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your personality!

Ego-C Twist Review

What are they compatible with?

Ego twist batteries have a 510 connection which is pretty much the standard and most common connection type which means that they will work with most clearomizers, cartomizers and atomizers out there.

Here are a few devices that work well with the Ego-C Twist that that I strongly recommend and use myself:

  • Vivi Novas: The first clearomizer I ever used and one that I still use today. An all around great device.
  • EVODS: Another really reliable and great clearomizer that looks super stylish attached to an Ego Twist.
  • Protanks: A glass clearomizer (or ‘glassomizer’) that’s a little more expensive than the previous two options but well worth the price.

The downside?

Ego Twist With EVOD

The only real negative that I found to the Ego-C Twist is that they aren’t the toughest of devices which I discovered after one of my mine broke and became unusable. However I should mention that I was a little careless and did drop it on the ground so if you look after your batteries well then you probably wont have the same issue.

Aside from this tiny complaint though these are truly great batteries and have become a stable in my collection. I own several of these things because they are cheap and are really reliable and they ensure that I never run out of power.

Where To Buy Ego-C Twist Batteries Cheap:

  • Fast Tech. These guys are HANDS DOWN the cheapest place to buy Ego-C Twist batteries online. For around $11-$12 bucks you can pick up one of these bad boys and you can get them EVEN cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Plus they have 100% free worldwide shipping… awww yeah!

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4 Responses to Ego-C Twist Review (Is This A Must Have Battery?)

  1. jake says:

    These are definitely a must have. I’m one of those guys that has to take several tanks with me when I leave the house so I need to have a variable wattage device to go with them to deal with the varying resistances.

  2. Stella review and agree with you 100%

  3. Tmc says:

    New to vaping. And honestly I’m young but Well about 2 months of using a friends vamo v3 strong hits but bulky and heavy. So he bought me a ego twist with some supply’s and I love it. I was never a tobbaco smoker. But used patches for the “buzz” vaping is now my life. P.s. Thanks aj!

  4. Z-Man says:

    Only the other day I was dismissing the idea that young non-smokers might start getting into vaping (a common criticism I hear from anti-vapists). Judging by Tmc’s comment, there are a few out there but I doubt it’s a common phenomenon and, still, it’s a healthier habit to acquire than smoking so I fail to see what the fuss is about (“Oh no! There’s a new and healthier thing our kids could get into! Shock, horror!”)
    Never heard of anyone using patches for a buzz before. There are far better chemicals for that than nicotine but each to their own. Only time I ever got a “buzz” from nicotine personally, if I can call it that, was when I smoked a huge cigar at the age of 14.
    Anyway, great review cheers 🙂 I’m a vaping newbie that’s thus far only used standard eGo batteries with CE6/EVODs but looking to try variable voltage and may well invest in one of these.

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