The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping Safe?

Since I put out my very first review (which was of the Vivi Nova) not too long ago I’ve been getting a few questions from new vapers about the safety of e-cigarettes. So I thought I would put together a short video where I try to answer the question “is vaping safe?” by taking a look at some of the most recent studies and information that is out there regarding the dangers of e-cigarettes.

I’ll also let you know how I came to the conclusions that I came to about the safety of e-cigarettes and why I personally choose to vape over smoking traditional cigarettes.

Dangers Of E-Cigarettes

Disclosure: I’m (obviously) not a Doctor or a scientist or anything like that! I’m just a vaper that has done a lot of research about the risks and dangers of e-cigarettes. So I definitely encourage you to do your own research and to assess the risks for yourself. You’ll find links to the full studies and resources that I mention in this below so that you can check them out for yourself!

To check out the full 22 page study that was done by Professor Igor Burstyn into the chemistry of e-cigarette vapor and liquids head here.

And to check out the full hour long lecture by Dr Lynne Dawkins on not only the safety of e-cigarettes but also e-cigarettes in general click here.

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One Response to The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping Safe?

  1. Jim Puls says:

    My VA Team Doctor recommended this around 9 months ago and I started and stayed with Volcano but have modified a few things since their so interchangeable, anyway I haven’t smoked a cigarette in about 2 weeks now, 51 years of smoking have done some damage but some is reversible, he says I’m pushing air in and out my lungs much better, I don’t use an Inhaler anymore, I feel better, my taste buds are tasting again, I can smell cigarette smoke coming and on peoples clothes. So I guess I’m adding a few more years to my life. I totally enjoy your video information and try to Educate as many people I know to do themselves, family and friends a favor and start vaping if they smoke. If they don’t smoke I also Educate them on 2nd hand vapor. Man I lov ya and keep up the good work.

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