Bloog Review: The Ultimate Bloog E-Cig Review

Bloog E-Cig Review

The Bloog is a rather popular e-cigarette that’s designed to look a feel like a traditional cigarette in terms of both size and weight. And because a lot of people out there have been asking for my thoughts on this device I thought that it was time for me to pick one up and do a full review!

As you’ll see in my Bloog e-cig review video above this device is actually pretty similar to both the Halo G6 kit and the Smokeless Image Volt. In fact the batteries and chargers are pretty much EXACTLY the same but just with different branding. However that’s not to say that this isn’t a great device – especially for anyone that’s new to vaping that’s looking for something that’s not intimidating and easy to start using.

Bloog Review

What I Love About The Bloog…

Bloog CartomizersDespite being quite similar to other kits there are two areas in which the Bloog is different and in which I think it really stands out which are:

  • The flavors. Dayum these are some tasty flavors. One really cool thing about Bloog is that they allow you to order sampler packs so that you can try a lot of different flavors allowing to find the ones that you really like. I decided to go for the non-tobacco sampler pack which included five different flavors: grape, watermelon, chocolate, coffee and mint. And I have to say they were all great flavors though I ESPECIALLY loved the grape and watermelon flavors which tasted phenomenal.
  • The hard case personal charging chase. The personal charging case that I got with my Bloog allows me to to get more battery life when I’m not close to a USB port by charging it up before hand and then just sticking my batteries in it for a recharge whenever they are getting low. Now I know that a lot of kits come with personal charging cases these days but one thing that I really liked about this one was that it was tough and felt like it was really quality where as other personal charging cases I’ve found to be a bit weak and flimsy.

Bloog Personal Charging Case

What I Don’t Like About The Bloog…

Bloog Charging CaseJust like other cigalike kits that are similar to the Bloog the trade off that you have to make (compared to when using something more advanced) is a much shorter battery life. For example an Ego Twist battery will provide you with anywhere form 6 – 13 hours of vaping time depending on the size that you get whilst the Bloog batteries will last you a little less than three hours or so.

That being said though the personal charging case does make this a lot less of a problem since it knocks your battery life up from just a few hours to over ten hours in total so that if you plan to go out and don’t have a USB port handy you can simply charge it up in your personal charging case.

Final thoughts?

All in all I think this is a great kit. It’s perfect for the beginner vaper that wants something that is super easy to use and that resembles quite closely a traditional cigarette. But I think it’s also great for the more advanced vaper who is simply looking for an e-cigarette that’s small and discreet and that they can take out with them without having to lug around a big device that’s bound to draw a lot of confused looks from passer bys.

For the full overview of what I thought of this kit as well as a better look at the device itself though be sure to watch my Bloog review video above!

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