Bedford Slims Review (The Sexiest E-Cig Ever?)

Bedford Slims Cartridges

When I first stumbled across the Bedford Slims website I couldn’t help but noticed that they had a very different and unique ‘look and feel’ that made it stand out from most of the other e-cigarette websites that are out there and I found myself instantly drawn to this kit and wanting to try it out.

So sure enough I decided to pick myself up a kit so that I could take it a spin and then do a review of it and… holy crap do I LOVE it.

Bedford Slims Review

The Bedford Slims Just OOZES Style…

Bedford Slims E-Cigarette

One thing that really made Bedford Slims stand out for me was the attention that has obviously been paid to how the e-cig looks and feels. Now I know that aesthetics aren’t everything but I feel like too many e-cigarettes out there lack a bit in the style department. But the Bedford Slims on the other hand just looks sexy as HELL.

Everything from the actual packaging right down to the awesome battery design will make you proud to hold this e-cig and to vape in in public. They seriously have some of the most awesome batteries that I have ever come across and I particularly love their art style batteries like the colorful one that you see in the picture below.


But It’s Not ALL About The Looks…

Just as it’s obvious that an awful lot of attention has been paid to the aesthetics of this product it’s also obvious that they have put a lot of time and thought into every aspect of this kit. The batteries perform extremely well and give a really nice and satisfying throat hit and the flavors are absolutely phenomenal.

I decided to get the ‘Dark Roast’ flavor seeing as I am a pretty huge coffee nut and I can easily say that this is the best coffee flavor I have ever tried. The fact that they add caffeine too is also a really cool touch.

And whilst they only have a range of four flavors (which are clove, dark roast, tobacco and menthol) I really like the fact that these guys try to focus much more on quality than quantity and I’m looking forward to trying the other three flavors out too soon.

In Summary…

This is easily one of the best cig-a-like kits that I’ve come across to date (as in e-cigarettes that look and feel like a traditional cigarette). It’s affordable, it’s stylish, the flavors taste great and it’s super easy to use.

I feel like the Bedford Slims is ESPECIALLY perfect for new vapers who are just getting into the world of vaping and are looking for something that’s extremely satisfying but also really easy to transition too. Although I can see even more seasoned vapers like myself getting good use out of this too.

This really is an all round kick ass kit.

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