Aspire Nautilus Review (And Nautilus Mini Review)

Aspire NautilusLately I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of really awesome things about the Aspire Nautilus adjustable airflow tank system so naturally I couldn’t resist buying one so that I could check it out for myself.

And today I’m going to be taking a look at and doing a review of both the regular Aspire Nautilus tank as well as the Nautilus Mini tank to see what they are like.

So lets get to it!

Inside The Nautilus Kit You Get…

Inside the Nautilus tank box you’ll find the following items:

  • The Nautilus Tank Itself.
  • A Thread Cover.
  • A Coil.
  • A Set Of Instructions.

These parts are the same for both the regular Nautilus AND the Nautilus Mini as shown below:

Nautilus Tank Contents

And on first impressions both the Nautilus and the Nauilus mini look and feel really well made and very high quality indeed.

What Makes The Nautilus Special…

The big reason I was so keen to try out the Nautilus in the first place and the main thing that makes this tank different from most of the other clearomizers that are on the market is that this tank has ‘adjustable airflow’.

And what this means is we can adjust our airflow be lower or higher which gives us much more control over our vape.

For example if I were to turn the airflow down then I will get a much tighter draw or if I were to turn the airflow up then I will get a much more airy draw with more vapor production.

But Does Adjustable Airflow Really Matter?

Before using this device it’s easy to wonder whether the whole ‘adjustable airflow’ thing is just some new marketing gimmick to sell more clearomizers but the truth of the matter is that it really does make a very big difference and all of my ejuices just taste fantastic out of these devices.

You just get so much more control with these tanks. I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out all of my different ejuices at different airflow settings and often I find that certain juices just really POP at certain airflow settings.

Plus it’s just really nice to be able to adjust your airflow depending on what kind of vaping mood you are in.

So yes adjustable airflow really does make a difference and for this reason I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see a lot more adjustable airflow tanks hitting the market in the future.

How To Change The Airflow…

The Nautilus comes with four different airflow settings ranging from very low airflow to lots of airflow and switching between the four different settings is dead simple.

You simply turn a little bar on the Nautilus to expose the airhole of your choice:

Nautilus Adjustable Airflow

The airflow ring also locks nicely into place whenever you set it to a new airflow level so that it wont move whilst in your pocket or being moved around.

These Things Are EXTREMELY Well Built…

Not only is the bar where you set the airflow well designed but overall this whole device seems to be very well built.

When you are assembling and de assembling these tanks you can see just how well every thing fits and seals together and everything feels extremely leak proof.

In fact since I’ve started using this device I have yet to experience any flooding or gurgling on me. Admittedly I haven’t been using it for that long yet but overall so far this thing has performed near flawlessly.

Aspire Tanks

The Only Downside?

The only downside I can see to these devices is that the regular Natuilus tanks are pretty massive in size (they’re the largest clearomizers that I’ve used to date) and they do look a bit silly attached to smaller batteries like an ego-c Twist or an iTaste VV battery.

However if you do prefer your clearomizers small and compact then you can of course opt for the Nautilus miniture version instead which can still hold about 2mls of e-liquid.

To Sum Up…

This is the first tank that I’ve reviewed from Aspire and overall I’m extremely impressed.

These devices are really pretty amazing and I definitely recommend them to anyone that’s looking to get a bit more control over their vaping experience and that’s perhaps looking for something that’s a step up from the average clearomizer.

It’s a bit more expensive then say an EVOD 2 or a Vivi Nova but when you taste this thing you’ll know why right away!

And for that reason I’m giving the Nautilus my big seal of approval!

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