Aerotank Review: Checking Out The Kanger Aerotank!

AerotanksI recently reviewed my first ever adjustable airflow tank the Nautilus on my YouTube channel and I liked it so damn much that I decided to take a look at some of the other adjustable airflow tanks that have been hitting the market.

And the one that stood out the most was definitely the Aerotank by Kangertech. I’m a huge fan of a few of the other Kangertech devices like the EVOD 2 and the Protank 3 so I definitely had some pretty high hopes.

So in today’s Aerotank review I’ll be letting you know what I think of this tank!

What You’ll Find Inside Aerotank Kit…

  • The Aerotank Itself.
  • Two Coils.
  • A Thread Cover.
  • A Set of Instructions.

These Devices Ooze Style…

The very first thing that struck me about the aerotank is just how damn stylish this device is:

Kanger Adjustable Airflow

I really love the strong lines and edges on this device and overall it just looks really slick and modern. In fact they are probably some of the best looking clearos that I’ve used to date.

Adjusting Your Airflow…

Adjusting the airflow on your aerotank is really easy and works very similarly to the Nautilus in that you turn a bar that’s located at the bottom of the device to change the airflow settings:

Aerotank Adjustable Airflow Tank

However unlike the Nautilus which four pre-set options which you can choose between the Aerotank on the other hand has a loose bar that can be wind as far up or down as you like.

The further you place the bar towards to bottom the more air flow you will get which will result in a more airy draw and the further your place the bar to the top the less airflow and tigheter draw you’ll get. If you place the ring all the way at the top  then you’ll actually completely turn off the airflow altogether making the device unusable until you move it back down again.

Why I Prefer The Nautilus…

Although I love the look and style of the Aerotank and I also love that more adjustable air flow tanks are hitting the market I can’t help but compare this to the Nautilus.

Aerotank VS Nautilus

And after playing with both devices for a while I’d have to say that I actually prefer the Natilus for the following reasons:

  • The Nautilus just seems to be better designed. You’ll notice right away as you assemble the Nautilus pieces together that they all fir together perfectly and that the device itself has been so well designed that it hardly every leaks, gurgles or fails on you. The Aerotank on the other hand I have experienced some minor issues (nothing major however with the Nautilus I’m still yet to have a single problem).
  • I get a smoother and better taste off the Nautilus. Don’t get me wrong – my Aerotanks really do taste great. But the Nautilus tanks do taste that little bit better and I find myself getting a better throat hit and taste off of these devices than I do the Aerotank.
  • I prefer the adjustable airflow bar on the Nautilus. I much prefer the way that the Nautilus has four separate pre-set holes that you can easily switch between and I really like how it will automatically lock into place when you set it to a new airflow setting. The Aerotank however has a ‘loose’ ring and it’s easy to accidentally move or adjust it when you don’t mean to whilst it’s in your pocket or being moved around.

The Verdict?

If you have a few extra bucks to spend then I probably would opt for the Nautilus however if you’re looking for something that is a little cheaper than the Aerotank is still a good way to go.

It’s a great little tank that will allow you to get your first taste of an adjustable airflow device without having to spend much at all!

Where To Buy Aerotanks Cheap…

  • Fast Tech – Not only do Fast Tech have the lowest prices anywhere on Aerotanks but they even do FREE worldwide shipping!

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